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Oil And GAS Pipe Line

Oil And GAS Pipe Line

Oil And GAS Pipe Line

Topographic mapping for new pipeline alignment-

  • Contour mapping (1m)
  • DEM /DTM(1m)
  • Land use and Land cover at 1:2,00 scale.

New pipeline corridor design using satellite & GIS technology

  • Cost effective alternate alignments
  • Reducing ground survey

Pipeline ROU monitoring as alternative to monthly helicopter survey:

  • Very high resolution optical multi-spectral satellite images can be successfully capable of detection of Disturbances in pipeline ROU from human activities, and landform changes due to fires, floods and other natural events

Oil & Gas leakage :

  • Short Wave Infra Red (SWIR) indicates distortion of vegetation as a result of either gas or oil leakage
  • The thermal IR picks up the least temperature differences due to changes in soil moisture content in and around a leak location. Some time leak that is not visible to the naked eyes may pick up by thermal sensor.
  • Near future planned large number of satellite sensors with optical, SWIR, Near Infrared and thermal can provide complete Space based ROU monitoring of Oil & GAS pipelines effectively

UAV based ROU monitoring:

  • Can be effectively used during monsoon period to supplement satellite image data