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Erisha Space Pvt. Ltd. brings data together from multi-mission satellite sensors data, UAV, mobile applications, ground instruments, SCADA, socio-economic data and develop mathematical models, image processing and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence frameworks to provide comprehensive solutions & services for Remote sensing, GIS and photogrammetry technology in the fields of natural resources mapping, Agro-economics, large scale cartographic & topographic mapping, large scale Oil & GAS, NH, rail infrastructural planning and monitoring, deforestation & afforestation studies, City planning & city G-governance, geospatial smart city planning and governance, environmental impact assessment and Space based geospatial support for effective planning & monitoring of national missions.

To use Space based Geospatial Technology for better governance and decision making

Advanced evolution of satellite remote sensing technology provides newer opportunities for addressing challenges of land management, governance and business around the world.

We are interested to work with organisation interested in applying the satellite remote sensing data for innovative applications empowering quicker and geospatial governance and decision making. We are professionals in exploration of state-of-the-art satellite optical, infrared, thermal and synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging technologies and can be applied for generating actionable legitimate geospatial information for governments, private and public sector organisations and businesses.

The rapidly growing advanced satellite remote sensing sensor technologies with capability to acquire very high-resolution images in different spectral bands, at specified day over the interested geographic area, at required interval of time series commands opening of newer possibilities generating transparent lawful scientific data for supporting business and governments around the word.